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We have already posted many verbs that take a preposition in the last months. Let’s see five new ones with a few examples.


Parecerse a: to look like, to seem similar, to resemble someone.

Ejemplos. Examples.

Todo el mundo dice que mi hermana se parece a mi madre pero yo creo que no. Everybody says that my sister looks like/resembles my mum but I don´t think so.


Chocarse con: to crush into.

*You can use also the preposition “contra”.

Ejemplo. Examples.

Anoche me choqué con/contra una farola y me rompí la nariz. Last night I crushed into a street lamp and I broke my nose.


Cuidar de: to care for, to look after.

*Although the meaning can be a little bit different, most of the times you can use also the preposition “a”.

Ejemplos. Examples.

¿Quién cuidará de/a los niños el próximo fin de semana si vamos a la fiesta? Who will look after the children next weekend if we go to the party?


Montar en: to ride.

Ejemplos. Examples.

Los domingos me encanta montar en bicicleta con mis hijos. I love riding my bike with my children on Sundays.


Prepararse para: to get ready for, to prepare oneself for.

Ejemplos. Examples.

Deberías prepararte para tu nuevo trabajo si quieres ser el mejor. You should prepare yourself for your new job if you want to be the best.

*Remember: In Spanish when you use a verb after a preposition, you always need to use the infinitive form.

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