• Spain, Mexico and Latin America. All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers from Spain, Mexico and Latin America with certifications for teaching Spanish and many years of experience.

  • Carefully selected to ensure a high quality learning environment for our students with the patience, friendly personality and ability to adapt themselves to the personality of each student.

        We're ready to teach you, are you ready to learn Spanish?

Our teachers

IRMA (Venezuela)

Also speaks: English and French

I am Venezuelan and I have lived in Argentina. I am currently living in the Balkans Peninsula at the Republic of Macedonia of the North.

I am a translator and professional Spanish teacher accredited  as an examiner by the Cervantes Institute of Serbia and Bulgaria for the DELE exams and a certified examiner of the SIELE exam with solid experience with students from all over the world with different levels.

My lessons are adapted according to the needs of each student. Basically you will learn what you want to learn or what you need. I focus on try to make them to understand in an easy way each topic and the structures so they can communicate as a native.


Also speaks: English

  • Flexible and adaptable. Our teachers are flexible and adaptable to your schedule and learning needs, so you can focus on the area of language learning that you need.


  • Supportive, motivational and encouraging. All the support, motivation and encouragement that you need to achieve your goals. Our teachers will get you make the most of each class!




Hello! I’m Consuelo,  from Mexico City.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a certification as Spanish Teacher as a Second Language.  In addition to Spanish I speak English fluently.


Some years ago I lived in Seattle, Wa. (USA) where I had the chance to teach Spanish to my international friends and I realized that this was something that I really enjoyed. It was both fun and fulfilling because as my friends learned the language I  learned about their cultures.


I like to meet people from all over the world and to learn about different countries.  I enjoy travelling, reading, and being with my family and friends. I consider myself open minded and easy to work with. It will be great to have the opportunity to teach you my native language.


Also speaks: English 

Hi! I’m Natalia, I'm 40 years old, I’m from Argentina, but I currently am living in Mexico.

In 2004 I trained as a Spanish teacher for foreigners and I started working in two Language Institutes until 2008. Then I moved and started working as a freelancer. 

I also have a Degree in Social Psychology, I love working with people!

I organize each lesson according to my students needs and interests. I'm always thinking about the best way to approach my students to Spanish.

I’m also a percussionist, I love music,  to travel around the world and meet people from other countries!

POLETTE (Guatemala)

Also speaks: English

Polette  is from Petén, Guatemala. She studied Communication Sciences at University as well as a course on teaching Spanish as a second language. 


She loves teaching Spanish. She has worked as children's teacher for 2 years and she really enjoys doing it! She has the necessary patience and she creates imaginative ways to teach!  


A nice, friendly and close personality with a great sense of humor, she likes meeting people  from different countries. Organized, punctual and responsible. Her classes are very dynamic and amusing. Whether you are a child as an adult she will give you all the motivation you need to achieve your aims!

ESTHER (Spain)

Also speaks: English and French

Hi everybody! 


My name is Esther. I was born in Barcelona, Spain and I live in Barcelona. I have got a Certification as a Spanish Teacher as a Second Language (ELE).


I have experience teaching Spanish in Language schools in Dublin (Ireland) and Barcelona (Spain). Besides, I have been teaching Spanish by Skype to students all around the world for more than 3 years.


If you want, I will help you with specific learning areas. 

I can help you to improve your Spanish grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening skills, etc. During lessons, I have fun and I use topics that are interesting to you.


My hobbies are travelling, reading, cinema, swimming and sailing.

SUSANA (Spain)

Also speaks: English 

I was born in Venezuelan, Margarita island, from a Portuguese family. I have lived in London and I am currently living in Madrid. I am a Bachelor in Modern Languages and I have been working in language schools, (mainly Spanish as a foreign language), so I know about other cultures and what it means to be a student of a foreign language.

I hold a Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language and I have broad experience teaching a range of people across all ages, adapting my teaching method to suit their learning style and interests. As my teaching  goal is communication my favorite methods are the communicative and the conversational approach.

I am a very curious and exploratory spirit; I have an active interest in nature and regularly get involved with and join hiking walks. To relax I practice mindfulness techniques and swimming which help to keep me focused and relieves any build-up of stress.


RAÚL (Spain)

Also speaks: English and Italian


Also speaks: English

Raúl is from Santander (Spain) and, in addition of his mother tongue, he speaks English and Italian fluently. He holds a BA in Spanish Language and Literature and a MA in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


He has a long experience in teaching Spanish to students from all over the World in both face-to-face and Web-based environments.


He has an approachable and friendly personality, always trying to adapt his lessons to the level of each student as well as the goals they expect to achieve. Seeking  all the time to transmit to his pupils his passion for the Spanish Language and Culture.

I'm a Venezuelan native Spanish speaker with a background in healthcare.


We can have informal conversational lessons or specialized lessons in the topics that you need to improve. It's completely up to you. And if you are a beginner in Spanish I can lead you from the first step. 


I've been teaching Spanish for over 3 years and I graduated recently as a Physical Therapist. I also have an ELE Certification so I'll be able to help you with the most formal part of the language.


I can help you learn Spanish in the way that you prefer. Do you want to use Google tools as an interactive classroom? Perfect! Paper and pencil? Also perfect!



Also speaks: English 

Hi everyone! My name is Adriana. I am from Venezuela and I am currently living in Barcelona. I am a teacher of learning disabilities and I also have a ELE Certification as a Spanish teacher.
I have been teaching Spanish to foreigners for over three years online and in Language Schools in Barcelona (Spain) .


My goal is to help you improve your fluency in Spanish.
In the teaching of Spanish I focus on the 4 lingustic skills which are listening, reading, writing and speaking, however I put a lot of emphasis on listening and speaking. 

I design my lessons according to the needs, interests and level of my students. In my lessons you will learn what you want to learn or what you need.

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