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Our prices


* You can pay in USD or in Euros (€). Prices in Euros can change because of the variation of the exchange rate with the American Dollar.

No registration fees and no cost for extra material.

Lessons are 55 minutes long.





If you are already our student and you refer us a new one who buys five or more lessons in their first purchase, you will get:

  • 2 free lessons more!

And the new student will get:

  • 1 free lesson for their first purchase of five or more lessons

  • 2 free lessons for their first purchase of ten or more lessons.

As low as $12!

Paypal is our method of payment: easy, fast and secure.

A free service to pay online without sharing financial information.


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Trial Spanish Lesson

No commitment. No credit card required


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule your first free class.



First Spanish lesson 55min.                                                        FREE

From 1 to 4 lessons                                           $20 (18€) per lesson

From 5 to 9 lessons                                           $18 (16€) per lesson

From 10 to 19 lessons                                   $16 (14.5€) per lesson

From 20 to 30 lessons                                   $15 (13.5€) per lesson

From 50 lessons                                                 $12 (11€) per lesson

From 1 to 4 lessons

$20 per lesson

From 5 to 9 lessons

$18 per lesson

From 10 to 19 lessons

$16 per lesson

For 20 or 30 lessons

$15 per lesson

For 50 lessons

$12 per lesson

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