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Our students say....


Portland (USA)


​I’ve used many different methods to learn Spanish over the past several years: non-credit classes at the local community college, programs on cd such

as Pimsleur Language, various websites, some free, some with charges for their premium programs and one-on-one lessons with Skype.  I’ve benefited from all of them in one way or another.

   I have found Skype lessons particularly useful lately because, with the instructor’s help, I can focus on specific skills that need improvement.

   I also like the convenience of taking lessons at home at times that suit my schedule.

   I especially like taking lessons with a native speaker who is residing in a Spanish speaking country.  It creates an cultural exchange that is  an important element in learning a new language.


Pennsylvania (USA)


I have been a criminal defense Attorney in Pennsylvania for over twenty years.  Recently, I recognized a serious need for experienced  legal  counsel  for   Spanish

speaking persons and resolved to learn Spanish. I started with Rosetta Stone and video lessons in March, 2013 and my progress was slow.

   I began taking Skype lessons with my teacher in August of 2013 to prepare for a Spanish language immersion trip to Mexico.

She very quickly assessed my level and proposed a curriculum to maximize the time we had before my trip.

   When I returned, she again assessed my progress and adjusted our curriculum to my need to communicate with my Spanish speaking clients.

   She is intelligent, patient, has a great sense of humor, and is always enthusiastic.  It is because of her that I have been able to learn so much in such a short time.  I truly could not ask for more in a Spanish teacher.        


San Francisco (USA)


​I have learned more from Raquel in the past 6 months than through Rosetta Stone, CD’s, and online courses over the past 10 years.

  She combines the perfect mix of conversation, reading, and lessons. She makes the experience fun in addition to customizing your time given your specific goals (e.g., she finds articles related to my job and creates role plays).

   I recommend Raquel to those of any age and level.


San Francisco (USA)


I love! The teacher I have worked with is fantastic and so passionate about what she does. I am a psychologist   who  works  with  Spanish-

speaking families and my teacher customizes lessons, finds relevant materials in Spanish, and best of all, she makes it really enjoyable.

   The lessons are always at my level, the convenience is great, and it is a great value. I would recommend this to anyone trying to actually learn Spanish. Conversation is a must! Computer programs and videos aren't enough!


(United Kingdom)


Barbara is a very patient Spanish teacher, she is also friendly, kind and understanding with a good sense of humour. She always listens carefully to

everything I say and is very willing to adapt her teaching style (methods) to my needs!

   She works very hard, not only during my Spanish classes, but also in her free time to create and provide appropriate learning materials that help to reinforce (consolidate) everything I have learnt in the class!

   Above all, Barbara tries very hard to create a relaxed environment in which I can enjoy learning Spanish and make progress!

   Finally, I believe that my Spanish is improving more and more each time and I know that the encouragement she gives me is helping me to gain confidence in speaking Spanish!


NAYEF (34 years old)

Riyadh (Arabia Saudi)

   When I came across the idea of learning Spanish over Skype, I wasn't very sure of its effectiveness. However, I gave it a try and as of writing this statement I have finished over 100 classes. I have committed to 5 lessons a week (55 min long each) and after 5 months I can say my understanding level is around 70% for reading and around 70% for listening. I can conjugate over 200 verbs in all different tenses.

   Learning over Skype is to me more convenient than traditional courses, I just don't see myself committing to driving to a school 5 times a week - too busy for that.

   In addition, classes are tailored to my need (for example, sometimes we just have conversations in Spanish, sometimes we just do verb conjugations, etc).

   If you are interested in learning Spanish and you have to commitment to do it, then I surely suggest giving Skype lessons a try. Buena suerte!

SARA SHEN Pekín (China)

Sourcing Manager works for

   I am a Chinese in HangZhou. I want to travel to South America, therefore I need to study Spanish, that is a difficult language, I used to have a Spanish tutor visit my place to taught in person, but it is not convenient for both teacher and me.


   I discovered a new way to learn via Skype, it was effective, each time my teacher is there online at the right time, my pronunciations has improved a lot.


   I found myself enjoy learning Spanish and Latin culture now.


New York (USA)

   I highly recommend Raquel for Spanish classes. I have been taking classes with Raquel for a little over a year, and I feel like my Spanish has really improved.


   It is fun to chat with someone new, and learn about the Spanish culture and Raquel can provide insight on both Mexico and Spain! She is always flexible and very appreciative of the fact that I'm trying to juggle my Spanish learning with a full time job. Raquel is a great teacher. 

JOANNAH (26 year old)

London (UK)


I have tried learning Spanish for a few years and it never worked out because of other commitments and time issues. I am so thrilled I met Barbara. She is a wonderful teacher. I have just finished my

first 20 classes with Barbara and I can’t wait to continue and learn more from her.

   Starting out as a beginner I feel I´m progressing every lesson we have. She makes the class environment very relaxing and enjoyable, we have a lot of fun! She is also very flexible to work around my time schedule. I appreciate all she has done for me so far. She is very passionate about what she does. 

SERAPHINA (31 years old)


   I've been really pleased with the level of the teachers at; they are always well-prepared, take time to understand your needs, and are very flexible, adapting to your schedule, whatever your time zone. Whether you want to chat on holiday or need a high level of business Spanish, I would highly recommend


Boston (USA)

   Consuelo is an excellent teacher. She is intelligent, kind, and patient. I have learned so much from her. She helped me pass my Spanish certification exam at my work.  I have the highest of recommendations for Consuelo. Thank you Consuelo!

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