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Whatever you need!


Do you want your children to learn Spanish? Are you travelling to a Spanish speaking country? Or do you need to pass a Spanish exam and you would like some support? Do you need a qualified teacher to work with employees at your company?

Maybe you just enjoy learning a new language and culture. Whatever your reason to learn Spanish we can help you!

Spanish for different levels


Spanish for specific purposes



We offer Spanish lessons from beginner to advanced covering all the different learning areas including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation as well as cultural information to develop the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Getting a cultural exchange is also an important element in learning a new language.


Our one on one Spanish classes are customized for you so you can focus on specific skills that need improvement and you will get  the most out of your Spanish learning in a short period of time.


You will learn Spanish in an effective, easy and fun way.



Do you Spanish for a specific purpose? We offer targeted programs for learning Spanish in areas including


  • Spanish for business: Spanish can help you to promote yourself professionally, get a new job or be able to speak to a client. Practice with role play  telephone calls, meetings, presentations... and learn specific vocabulary.

  • Spanish for a job interview: we will give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals. Introduce yourself, answer appropriately to specific  questions and  talk about your professional experience.

Preparation for Spanish exams (DELE)


DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) are internationally recognized official qualifications and enjoy great prestige not only among public and private educational institutions and authorities, but also in the business world and chambers of commerce.


The DELE examinations are performed in DELE examination centers, including universities, embassies and consulates.


We have a special programme with all the sections in the exam to get the DELE. You will be able to practice with real exams and a variety of learning materials.

Download levels of DELE

Spanish survival



Planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country and you can’t speak a word of the language? Perhaps you learned Spanish in school and have forgotten what you studied. We can help you to develop suitable communications skills for travelling in a new country, including useful, culturally appropriate vocabulary, expressions and activities.


You will be able to enjoy your trip, with more immersion in the culture, and the skills to be able to  interact appropriately in real-life situations.


Spanish for children of all ages


The best time to learn Spanish is during childhood.


Children can assimilate a new language much faster than adults and we're here to help you. Take advantage of it!


Kids can take lessons from the comfort and safety of your home, allowing you time for other daily activities.


They will learn Spanish in a natural way, combining grammar, vocabulary and comprehension with fun activities.


*If you kid is too young and he/she needs shorter lessons, contact us and we offer you special packages.


Spanish for companies



Speaking Spanish is an increasingly useful tool in business and a competitive advantage for you and your company.


We offer provide qualified teachers to work with employees and staff in an effective and flexible way, whatever your field.


Spanish lessons can be taken whererever and whenever it works for you or your staff!

Contact us for more information and we will provide a personalized quote according to your needs.


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