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What do I need to start?


All you need to get started with


 1.  A free Skype account. If you don't have a Skype account, click here. Setting up an account is easy, free and fast. If you need our assistance with this process, contact us and we will be pleased to help you.


 2.   A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


 3.   A good  Internet connection.


 4.  Sign up for your first free Spanish lesson and we will contact you to schedule your first free class according to your timetable.


 5.  Meet your teacher and enjoy your class!


 If you like your class, (and we're sure you will), you can buy as many or as few classes as you want.


 For more information, visit FAQ







Trial Spanish Lesson

No commitment. No credit card required


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule your first free class.


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