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Spanish sayings III

Here we go again! Your favorite Spanish school online,, brings you three new expressions. Today we will confirm how similar we all are. These three idioms are very similar in English and Spanish language so maybe you are going to discover the Spanish version before reading it. Do you want to try?

Anyway, they are as common in English as in Spanish so try to use them in your next conversation. Enjoy them!

1. All that glitters is not gold = No es oro todo lo que reluce


Did they offer you this BMW for only $1000? What a great deal! But be careful, all that glitters is not gold.

¿Te ofrecieron este BMW por solo $1000? ¡Qué buen trato! Pero ten cuidado, no es oro todo lo que reluce.

2. Familiarity breeds contempt = La confianza da asco


You two are going to find it difficult living and working together. Familiarity breeds contempt as you well know.

Vosotros dos vais a encontrar difícil vivir y trabajar juntos. La confianza da asco como bien sabéis.

3. To make ends meet = Llegar a fin de mes


After they had a baby, they found it very difficult to make ends meet like they used to do.

Después de tener un bebé, encontraron muy difícil llegar a fin de mes como solían hacer.

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