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Enjoy while learning.

One on one Spanish lessons allow you to  create a personal relationship with your teacher. This is a very important aspect of your learning experience. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere is essential when you are learning a new language: it lets you enjoy more of your Spanish experience so that you are more confident, and can get the most out of your Spanish lessons in just a short period of time.



Low cost quality Spanish lessons.

Through our great packages and offers you can get high quality Spanish lessons from only $12.


Why learn Spanish with us?


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Trial Spanish Lesson

No commitment. No credit card required


Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule your first free class.


Highly qualified native Spanish speaker tutors.

All of our teachers are native speakers from Spain, Mexico and Latin America with teaching certifications and many years of experience. Highly professional and friendly, they are passionate about teaching Spanish language and culture. Not only will you enjoy learning the Spanish language, but you will also discover the culture and customs of Spanish-speaking countries for a heightened and more interesting learning experience.



Tailored one to one Spanish lessons for all levels.

Our 55 minutes Spanish lessons customized especially for you. Online classes are tailored to each student level and learning needs so we can focus on the specific learning areas that you need.


Try your first free Spanish lesson and discover our new, effective and fun way to learn Spanish!


Flexibility: wherever and whenever you want.

You can learn Spanish via Skype from the comfort of your own home or office and schedule your lessons according to your availability. We're flexibly to  your timetable.


We cover all your needs.

Are you looking to learn Spanish so that you can travel and experience new cultures? Do you need to speak Spanish for business or to pass an exam? Perhaps you want your kids to take Spanish classes, or are looking for a more qualified staff at your company? Maybe you don't have a specific purpose and you just enjoy learning new languages. Whatever your reason to learn Spanish we can help you.


Save money, save time.

Learning Spanish by Skype means that you don’t have to waste time going to classes each week, or spending a lot of money on expensive courses abroad. You can be close to  native Spanish-speaking teachers and the Spanish or Latin America culture from wherever you live.

Other advantages of learning Spanish by Skype.

Easy set up: just create a free Skype account, sign up for your first free Spanish lesson and we will contact you.


No distractions: One to one Skype lessons encourage you to concentrate and maximize the effectiveness of the instruction and learning experience.


Access  your teacher by email anytime of the day.


Request as many learning materials as you need. We're here to help you learn!


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