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Saber vs Conocer

The verbs SABER y CONOCER both means "to know". However, you need choose "saber" or "conocer" depending on the context in wich is used it. These verbs are not interchangeable.


yo sé nosotros sabemos yo conozco nosotros conocemos

tú sabes vosotros sabéis tú conoces vosotros conocéis

él/ud sabe ellos/uds saben él/ud conoce ellos/uds conocen

* Watch out! Both saber and conocer are verbs with irregular first person.

SABER means to know facts and information:

1.To know information: saber

I know your telephone number. Yo tu número de teléfono.

2. To know that: saber que....

They know that I am here. Ellos saben que yo estoy aquí.

3. To know how to do something: saber + infinitive

He knows how to play tennis. Él sabe jugar al tenis.

CONOCER is used to express familiarity with a person, a place, a thing or a particular field of learning:

1. To know a person: conocer a

We know your sister. Nosotros conocemos a tu hermana.

2. To know a place

I know Spain. Conozco España.

3. To know (be familiar with) a thing, be well versed in an area

The hairdresser knows his client's hair. El peluquero conoce el pelo de sus clientes.


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