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Carnival in Spain

One of the things we can recommend you from is to come to Spain and enjoy Carnival. The most important carnivals in Spain are the ones in Cadiz (Andalucía) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) both of them are declared of International Tourist Interest. But during these days before Lent, many cities and towns throughout Spain fill their streets with humor, wild partying and an atmosphere of fun and high spirits. So come on! Come to Spain and enjoy our Carnival!

But you need to be prepared to delight in any of the Spanish carnival parties and we want to help you, so let us introduce you to some useful sentences, common expressions and vocabulary for any costume party.

Useful sentences:

* Do you celebrate Carnival?

¿Celebras el Carnaval?

* Will you dress up this Carnival?

¿Te disfrazarás este Carnaval?

* Do you want us to watch the parade?

¿Quieres que veamos el desfile?

* Are you going to participate at the costume contest?

¿Vas a participar en el concurso de disfraces?

* I love your costume, especially the wig and make-up

Me encanta tu disfraz, especialmente la peluca y el maquillaje

* I want to go to the contest to choose the Queen of Carnival

Quiero ir al concurso para elegir a la Reina del Carnaval

Vocabulary and expressions:

* Carnival Carnaval

* Costume Disfraz

* Costume party Fiesta de disfraces

* Costume contest Concurso de disfraces

* Queen of Carnival Reina del Carnaval

* Parade Desfile

* Float Carroza

* Crowd Muchedumbre

* To dress up Disfrazarse

* To make up Maquillarse

* Make-up Maquillaje

* Mask Careta, máscara

* Eye mask Antifaz

* Fake nose Nariz postiza

* Wig Peluca

* Clown Payaso

*Troupe Comparsa

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