"YA" 2nd Part

March 13, 2014

We have already learnt six different uses of "YA". Depending on the context "YA" also could mean:


1. Nuisance:

  • ¡Ya es hora! ¡Llevo esperándote 1 hora! (It’s about time! I was waiting for you for 1 hour!)

  • ¡Ya está bien! That's enough!


2. To indicate that a desire has been pleased:

  • ¡Ya terminé! (I finished!)

  • ¡Ya conseguí el trabajo! (I got the job!)


3. To indicate emphasis:

  • ¡Ya te gustaría poder comprar ese coche! (You would love to buy that car!)

  • ¡Ya me gustaría ser más delgada! (I would love to be thinner!)


4. To express agreement or incredulity (with an ironic tone):

              - Agreement: Ya, es muy inteligente pero no es una buena persona. I agree,

                                      she is very clever but she is not a good person.

                                      A: Estoy seguro de que aprobarás el examen. B: Ya pero es


                                      A: I'm sure you will pass the exam. B: Yes, but it's difficult.

              - Incredulity: Ya, ya, y mi perro sabe volar. Sure, sure, and my dog can fly.


Let's remember the other six uses we've already learnt with some examples:


1. Now: Ya está aquí. (She's here now)

2. Already: Ya he pagado la cuenta. (I've already paid the bill)

3. Right now: ¡Lávate las manos ya! (Wash your hands right now!)

4. Later: Ya vendrás a pedirme ayuda. (You'll come to ask me for help)

5. To offer reassurance: Ya conseguirás un trabajo. (You'll get a job)

6. Anymore, still, especially in negative sentence: Ella ya no me quiere. (She doesn't love me anymore)

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