False friends

January 10, 2014

False friends are words in two languages that look or sound similar but have differents meanings. Here are some of the most common mistakes:


  1. False friend: actually 

       Correct meaning: en realidad/ de hecho

       Example: En realidad / de hecho, no estuve allí pero te dije que sí.

                     Actually I wasn't there but I told you I was.


  2. False friend: to attend

      Correct meaning: asistir + a

      Example: Tienes que asistir a la reunión esta noche.

                     You have to attend meeting this evening. 


 3.  False friend: sensible

      Correct meaning: sensato

      Example: You are a vey sensible woman.

                     Tú eres una mujer muy sensata.


 4.  False friend: to realize

      Correct meaning: darse cuenta de

      Example: We realized that you were lying.

                     Nosotros nos dimos cuenta de que estabas mintiendo.


 5.  False friend: to ask a question

      Correct meaning: hacer una pregunta

      Example: She asked me a question.

                     Ella me hizo una pregunta.

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