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  • As low as $12. As low as 10,5

  • One on one Spanish lessons via Skype

  • Tailor-made classes (55 min long).

  • Native and experienced teachers from Spain and Latin America.

  • Flexibility: whenever and wherever you want!

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Experienced, friendly and personable.

JUDITH (Venezuela)

Also speaks: English

I'm a Venezuelan native Spanish speaker with a background in healthcare. I have an ELE Certification and I've been teaching Spanish for over 3 years. We can have informal conversational lessons or specialized lessons...Read more


Whatever you need


  • Spanish classes online for different levels, needs and interests.

  • Preparation for Spanish exams such as DELE.

  • Covering the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

  • All the learning materials that  you require.

Our students

What they think about us.


Portland (USA)

I’ve used many different methods to learn Spanish over the past several years. I have found Skype lessons particularly useful lately because, with the instructor’s help, I can focus on specific skills that need...    Read more

False friends IX

July 12, 2018

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  1. A free Skype account. If you don't have one, click here.

  2. A computer and a good  Internet connection.

  3. Sign up for your first free Spanish lesson without any commitment and we will contact you.

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ESTHER (Spain)

Also speaks: English and French

Hi everybody! My name is Esther. I was born in Barcelona (Spain) and I live in Barcelona. I have got a Certifcation as a Spanish Teacher as a second Language (ELE). I have experience teaching Spanish in Language Schools...  Read more



London (UK)

I have tried learning Spanish for a few years and it never worked out because of other commitments and time issues. I am so thrilled I met Barbara through Spanish Skype as she is a wonderful teacher. I have just finished my...    Read more


Also speaks: English

Hello! I’m Consuelo,  from Mexico City.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a certification as Spanish Teacher as a Second Language.  In addition to Spanish I speak English fluently. Some years ago I lived in Seattle, Wa. (USA) where I had the chance to teach Spanish to my...               Read more


San Francisco (USA)

"I love SpanishSkype.org! The teacher I have worked with is fantastic and so passionate about what she does. I am a psychologist who works with Spanish-speaking families and my teacher customizes lessons, finds...       Read more

POLETTE (Guatemala)

Also speaks: English

Polette  is from Guatemala.  She studied Communication Sciences at University as well as a course on Teaching Spanish as a second language. She loves teaching Spanish, specially to children. She has worked as children's teacher for 2 years and she...  Read more

When I came across the idea of learning Spanish over Skype, I wasn't very sure of its effectiveness. However, I gave it a try and as of writing this statement I have finished over 100 classes. I have committed to 5 lessons a week (55 min long each) and after 5 months I can say my understanding level is around 70% for reading and around...       Read more

NAYEF (34 years old)

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)


NATALIA (Argentina)

Also speaks: English

Hi! I´m Natalia, I´m from Argentina but I currently am living in Mexico.  In 2004 I trained as a Spanish teacher for foreigners and I was working in two Language Institutes until 2008. I organize each lesson according to my students needs and...  Read more

“I am a Chinese in HangZhou. I want to travel to South America, therefore I need to study Spanish, that is a difficult language, I used to have a Spanish tutor visit my place to taught in person, but it is not convenient for both teacher and me. I discovered a new way to learn via Skype, it was effective, each time my teacher is there online at the ...    Read more

SARAH SHEN Pekín (China)

Sourcing Manager works for VolumeFill.com


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IRMA (Venezuela)

Also speaks: English and French

I´m Venezuelan. I have lived in Argentina and I´m currently living in the Balkans Peninsula. I´m a trasnlator and professional Spanish teacher acredited as a examiner by the Cervantes Institute and I certified examiner... Read more

Barbara is a very patient teacher, she is also friendly, kind and understanding with a good sense of humour. She always listens carefully to everything I say and is very  to adapt her teaching style to my needs! She...     Read more






RAÚL (Spain)

Also speaks: English and Italian

Raúl is from Santander (Spain). He holds a BA in Spanish Language and Literature and a MA in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language. He has a long experience in teaching Spanish to students from all over the World in...  Read more

I've been really pleased with the level of the teachers at SpanishSkype.org; they are always well-prepared, take time to understand your needs, and are very flexible, adapting to your schedule, whatever your time zone.Whether you want to chat on holiday or need a high level of business Spanish, I would highly....                Read more

SERAPHINA (31 years old)



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