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Verbs that take a preposition III



Asomarse a: to peek into, to look out.

Asómate a la ventana y sabrás lo que ocurre. Look out the window and you´ll know what it´s happening.

Resistirse a: to resist.

No puedo resistirme a comer este pastel de chocolate. I can´t resist to eat this chocolate cake.

Ponerse a: to begin to do something.

Me puse a estudiar a las 8 de la mañana. I began to study at 8am.


Meterse con: to pick on.

¡No te metas con tu hermana! Don´t pick on your sister!

Salir con: to date someone.

Ana sale con Antonio. Ana is dating Antonio.

Dar con: to find, to come upon (something/somebody)

No doy con la respuesta correcta. I can´t find the correct answer.


Acabar de: to have just done something.

Acaban de terminar su clase de español. They have just finished their Spanish lesson.

Terminar de: to finish + -ing

Podrás ver la televisión cuando termines de limpiar tu habitación. You will be able to watch tv when you finish cleaning your room.

Alegrarse de: to be happy, to be glad.

Nos alegramos de que estés aquí. We are happy that you are here.


Montar en: to ride something.

Aprendí a montar en bici cuando tenía 5 años. I learnt to ride bike when I was five years old.

Trabajar en: to work at.

Tengo que trabajar en casa por las noches. I have to work at home at nights.

Convertirse en: to become, to change into something or somebody.

El sapo se convirtió en príncipe cuando la princesa lo besó. The toad became a prince when the princess kissed him.


Llorar por: to cry for/about (someone/something / doing something)

Estoy cansado. Ella llora por todo todo el tiempo. I’m tired. She cries about everything all the time

Votar por: to vote (for someone/for doing something).

Mis padres votan siempre por el mismo partido político. My parents always vote for the same political party.

Hacer por: to try to do something.

Por favor, haz por llegar puntual. Esa reunión es muy importante. Please, try to arrive on time. That meeting is very important.

*Remember: if you use a verb after a preposition, you need to use the infinitive.

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