False Friends 4

July 3, 2014

False friends are words in two languages that look or sound similar but have different meanings. Here are some of the most common mistakes:


1. False friend: relative

Correct meaning: pariente, familiar

Example: No tengo parientes en Nueva York.

I don´t have any relatives in New York.


* Relative also means “relativo” in another contexts.


2. False friend: card

Correct meaning: tarjeta

Example: Recibió una tarjeta por su cumpleaños

He received a card for his birthday.

¿Tienes una tarjeta de crédito?
Do you have a credit card?


3. False friend: letter

Correct meaning: carta

Example: Pedro escribe una carta todos los días.

Peter writes a letter every day.


* Letter also means "letra". Example: Mi nombre tiene seis letras. My name has six letters.


4. False friend: make a decision

Correct meaning: tomar una decision

Example: No nos poníamos de acuerdo sobre donde ir en vacaciones, así que tuve que tomar una decisión.

We couldn't agree on where to go on holidays, so I had to make a decision.


5. False friend: library

Correct meaning: biblioteca

Example: Mi prima va a la biblioteca todas las tardes.

My cousin goes to the library every afternoon.

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