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False Friends 3

False friends are words in two languages that look or sound similar but have differents meanings. Here are some of the most common mistakes:

1. False friend: to pay attention

Correct meaning: prestar atención

Example: Presta atención a lo que digo porque no lo repetiré.

Pay attention to what I say because I won't repeat it.

2. False friend: carpet

Correct meaning: alfombra (tapete in Mexico)

Example: Este fin de semana tenemos que limpiar las alfombras.

This weekend we need to clean carpets.

3. False friend: to succeed

Correct meaning: tener éxito

Example: Tienen éxito en muchos campos.

They succeed in many areas.

4. False friend: embarrassed

Correct meaning: avergonzado

Example: ¡Estoy tan avergonzado!

I’m so embarrassed!

5. False friend: to record

Correct meaning: grabar

Example: El grupo grabó un álbum nuevo.

The band recorded a new album.

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