July 17, 2015

A conversation about time usually starts with “what time is it”?


But, how can you ask what time it is in Spanish and how can you tell someone what time it is?


Learn everything you need about asking and telling the time in just 8 easy steps!

Let´s see in this post the fi...

July 6, 2015



The festival of San Fermín in the city of Pamplona (Navarre, Spain), is a deeply rooted celebration held annually from 12:00, 6 July, when the opening of the party is marked by setting off the pyrotechnic chupinazo, to midnight 14 July, with the singing of the Pobre...

June 18, 2015

False friends are words in two languages that look or sound similar but have different meanings. Here are some more examples of the most common mistakes:


1. False friend: rendition

Correct meaning: interpretación (rendición = surrender)

Example: Su interpretación de la c...

June 13, 2015

Do you know when you need to use “qué” or “cuál/cuáles”?


Qué and cuál can be confusing if you are starting to learn Spanish because both can be translated as the same words into English: what and which.




It´s usually closer to “what” and it is used when we ask for...

Let me ask you some questions. What do you never forget when you go out? What do you always have in your hands, your pocket or in your bag? What device do you use to know what the time is, what the weather will look like and many other things? What do you look at more...

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about Spain? Fiesta, sun, sangria… Yes, you can find all the fiesta, sun and sangria that you can dream about in Spain but, is that all that Spain can offer you? Not at all! Spain owns one of the greatest h...

April 16, 2015

In Spanish you need to distinguish between subject pronouns and pronouns as objects of prepositions.


Let´s see:



But, what are pronouns as objects of prepositions? It´s easy: a pronoun that follows a preposition. For example:


Antonio vive en México.

Él (Antonio, subject...

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